Sunday, September 26, 2010


Haha, welcome to my blog. Ew, blog. Anyway, i love TV and a lot of people say I"m like Roger from American Dad! But whatever. I'm also a pop-culture guru, so i might make a bunch of lame-o references....and then cite them! Pretty soon you'll be more pop culture savvy than gay man. No offense. No on 8 :D did i make it better now?. I'll post here about stunning things i see on that ol' colorful box i keep in the room with the couches.

<Don't know who Roger the Alien is?

However, I m not an alcoholic.>

<Don't know what proposition 8 is? 'Tis gay marriage in California>


  1. Well congratulations !
    I have a blog too brother

    I'll follow you and read your post

    Good luck!!!

  2. Nice blog. Will be following you for your future updates!