Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well it turns out,

Mysterion from South Park was actually Kenny. I actually guessed that.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Season Premires!

      The Simpson had it's season premier with guest from Glee, and all in all it was okay, but still after 20 years the havent really changed their style of humor. Not saying it's bad, no i love those yellow SOB's. Can i just say something? I don't really even like glee, its lame and totally dry. I don't get why everyone is so damn in love with it. Total cliche, but people eat that shit up like it was freaking pot brownies at a Fish concert. Family Guy premier with a hour long episode, <they managed to get that hour by stealing American Dad's slot just by the freaking way> and it was, in family guy terms, innovative and fresh. They really tore away from their repetitive stupid humor we are all accustomed to, and love; on this one, except for the table chase scene, that was all of the above. They parodied "And Then There Were None." with their title "And Then There Were Fewer". It was fantastic. The Cleavland Show premiered as well and if i can say just one thing about it; he should have stayed in quahog. I mean, how many people honestly watch that abortion of a show? If you do, tell me why in the comments, for i must investigate. And the premier for Desperate House wives was..well it was. It was creepy. Like steal you socks at night creepy. Like Madonna circa 2008 creepy. No, it wasn't that bad, but it was creepy, and Paul scares me shitless. NOBODY EVER FORGIVES PEOPLE ON TV JUST TO LET YOU KNOW. EXPECT SOMETHING.

That's all that was really mentionable on the fall premiers, so see you next time!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Haha, welcome to my blog. Ew, blog. Anyway, i love TV and a lot of people say I"m like Roger from American Dad! But whatever. I'm also a pop-culture guru, so i might make a bunch of lame-o references....and then cite them! Pretty soon you'll be more pop culture savvy than gay man. No offense. No on 8 :D did i make it better now?. I'll post here about stunning things i see on that ol' colorful box i keep in the room with the couches.

<Don't know who Roger the Alien is?

However, I m not an alcoholic.>

<Don't know what proposition 8 is? 'Tis gay marriage in California>